What’s The Cost?

there’s something for every budget!

Partial Wrap

  • Partial wraps are an economical way to reduce the overall cost by incorporating some of the vehicle color into the design. This works especially well when the vehicle is a neutral color or a color that matches one of the company’s colors.
  • 2016 Ford Focus $1200

  • 2016 Transit $1100

  • 2016 F-150 $1200

  • 16′ Enclosed Trailer $1000

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  • Lettering is the essential information of the business. Usually, this will include the company name or logo, the business phone number, and the website. The color of the vehicle acts as the background for the lettering elements.

  • 2016 Ford Focus $750

  • 2016 Transit $600

  • 2016 F-150 $650

  • 16′ Enclosed Trailer $600

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  • Great graphic design is the key to a great wrap. Our professional design team can provide your company with a look and feel that will help you get your message out and drive more sales to your business.

  •  Full Wrap $250

  • Partial Wrap $200

  • Lettering $150

  • Have a Design? Set Up Fee   $50

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